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We are committed to protecting your privacy while dealing with your personal information.  This privacy notice provides details about the information we collect

about you, how we use it and how we protect it.  It also provides information about your rights.

It is important that you read this Privacy Notice together with any other Privacy Notice or Fair Processing Notice we may provide on specific occasions when we

are collecting or processing personal data about you so that you are truly aware of how and why we are using your data.



GW Physiotherapy is a private physiotherapy clinic based at 11 Southern Avenue Gloucester GL4 0AW.  Treatment will be provided by an HCPC registered physiotherapist whose qualification details are listed on our website with information about their experience and specialities.

When you use our services, we will ask you share some information with us. We will be transparent about the information we collect and how we use it, who we

share it with and the choices we give you to control, access and update your information. For the purposes of data protection legislation, we are the data

controller of your personal data and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK with reference number Z2803200.

We have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is responsible for overseeing questions in relation to this Privacy Notice. If you have any comments, questions or

requests regarding this privacy policy please address them to The Data Protection Officer GW Physiotherapy 11 Southern Avenue Gloucester GL4 0AW or email

us at:



This includes any information you may provide by telephone, by email or by completing a registration form for treatment either for yourself or as a parent or

guardian of a child who you wish to receive physiotherapy treatment and verbal information given in face-to-face consultations.

If you enquire about physiotherapy using our landline you will be asked to leave a message and telephone number for us to ring you back. 

If you make an appointment, confirmation of the date and time and who you will be seeing will be forwarded to you and you will be asked whether you are happy

for this to be sent by email or prefer postal confirmation.  Your name and preferred means of contact will be entered into our computerised appointment,

consultation and administration system. We have the assurance of the provider of this system that your information is secure and they have their own privacy

notice in place along with security measures and confidentiality policies.  We too have a security and confidentiality policy in place for everyone associated with

GW Physiotherapy.


At GW Physiotherapy we aim to provide you with the highest quality of health care.  To do this we must keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you.  The information will be kept on a computerised registration and treatment form

These records include:

  • Basic details about you, such as address, date of birth, telephone number, email address

  • Whether you are happy for us to leave messages on any telephone numbers you give us and/or contact you by email

  • Date and time of any contact we have had with you

  • Notes and reports about your health and medication taken

  • Details and records about the health care professional’s assessment, your treatment and care

We may also include relevant information from people who care for you and know you well, such as health professionals and relatives, but only with your


It is good practice for people who provide care to:

  • discuss and agree with you what they are going to record about you

  • give you a copy of letters they are writing about you

  • show you what they have recorded about you

We rely on you to update us about changes to this information and will ask at each appointment whether there is any change we should note.



At GW Physiotherapy we use your records to:

  • Provide a good basis for all health care decisions

  • Allow you to work with those providing care

  • Make sure your care is safe and effective, and

  • Work effectively with others providing you with care

We have a duty to

  • Maintain full and accurate records of the care we provide to you

  • Keep records about you confidential, secure and accurate

  • Provide information in a format that is accessible to you (i.e. in large type if you are partially sighted)

Everyone at GW Physiotherapy has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Anyone with access to the data has confidentiality and security

clauses written into their signed contracts and a Security Policy and Confidentiality Code of Practice is held by them to provide guidance on compliance with




We sometimes need to share information with other health professionals directly involved in a patient’s care in order to give the best possible advice and

treatment. We will not share information that identifies you for any reason, unless:

  • you ask us to do so and give us specific written permission;

  • we ask and you give us specific written permission;

  • we have special permission for health or research purposes and you have given written permission

  • you have agreed that we do so with your insurance company or the solicitor handling your case and you have given written permission

In exceptional circumstances we may be required by law to pass on personal data without consent for example, to prevent and detect crime.

The GW Physiotherapy clinic team has had Data Protection training. Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an agenda item at

regular clinic meetings and the team is fully aware of the importance not to disclose information they are made aware of in providing a service and the

consequence of sharing personal identifiable information without permission.  Also at these meetings we may discuss health circumstances and

treatment given (anonymised) for training purposes

We have a card payment system. If you choose to pay for your treatment using this system we do not retain any payment details on your card.  The provider

processes credit and debit card information such as card number, expiry date and CVV code, card holder name, financial transactions or equivalent details

about what products and/or services you have purchased.  They do not retain any card information.

We keep a record of all payments processed and record the date paid and method of payment.  This enables us to reconcile payments from daily activity and

provide transparency of activity for tax purposes.

GW Physiotherapy | 11 Southern Avenue, Gloucester GL4 0AW

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