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As physiotherapists the team at GW Physiotherapy work with patients to aid their recovery from pain and injury in order to restore movement and function to as high a level as possible.


Conditions treated at GW Physiotherapy range from:


•Acute/Chronic Lower Back Pain

•Injuries and conditions of the hand


•Joint conditions including, osteoarthritis

•Management of long-term conditions, eg rheumatoid                        


•Muscular conditions

•Neck and mid-back pain, including both acute onset

               and chronic conditions

•Post-surgery, including hand surgery


•Sports Injuries

•Work Related Disorders


Initial discussion/assessment


Before you receive any treatment or advice, a GW physiotherapist will discuss the nature of your problem and with your consent, carry out a thorough examination. This will take between 45-60 minutes.  We can then decide whether physiotherapy is appropriate and devise an individualised treatment plan.





lynne knee
lynne hamstring

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Follow-up Treatment


GW Physiotherapists offer evidence based treatment encompassing a wide range of techniques including massage, mobilisations and exercise based rehabilitation.  Your physiotherapist will work closely with you to develop an appropriate and progressive treatment package in order to maximise your recovery.  Follow-up treatment sessions will be 30-45 minutes.


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